Sun Rise Boat Tour

The Sun rises in complete glory on the Ganga and the pilgrims and locals alike come to seek the duo's blessings. Ride with us to drink in the most enjoyable way the combination of nature and humanity. Understand the role the beloved Ganga plays in people's lives and rejoice in the stories of the multitude of forts, palaces, and temples that surround her Ghats.

Sun Set Boat Tour

Sunset time provides the Ganga with a very different shade as the Ghats abuzz with a sort of action. Cricket matches, kitesurfing, social events, etc. Watching the vibrant life unfold in the ghats, as we flow peacefully with the serene waters of Ganga, is like a Moksha (Salvation) experience at first hand. The boat ride ends with witnessing Ganga Aarti at the main Ghat, a glorious evening.

Yoga & Meditation On Boat

Are you fascinated by Yoga but never got a decent starting place / instructor? How about beginning it here in Varanasi-where Patanjali first compiled the Yoga sutras about 2,500 years ago? And with an teacher in her life who practices even the Yogic philosophy? The indoor / outdoor session can be coordinated, and for any level-beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Classical Music On Boat

Immerse yourself in the soul-moving Jugalbandi of Sitar, Flute, and Tabla-into the heritage of the Gallis of Varanasi-where music thrives. Also, be introduced to the fundamental principles of Melodies and Gharanas (Hindustani Classical Music Schools) as musicians guide you through their nuances with ample demonstrations.

City Walking Tour

Starting in the heart of the old town, the walk takes you through its vibrant markets, interesting places of worship, ancient buildings of breath taking architecture and even bigger tales! Understand the core elements of Hindu philosophy, how the peculiar geography of Varanasi led to it being the spiritual capital of India, and the convincing belief of Death & Moksha (Salvation) by the city. Punctuated with numerous hidden-in - the-corner spots of solace amid the hustle-bustle, the walk emulates perfectly the Banaras eccentricities! Get closer to Indian classical music, group meditation, blissful temple atmospheres, traditional wrestling, and craftsmen working on intricate handlooms, and pilgrimage sites that are 2,500 years old. Weaving through the locals ' favourite spots, the walk leaves with a deep understanding of the specific way of life in this world's oldest ever-living city!

Sarnath Tour

Join us as we explore the ruins of the first Buddhist monastic structure, the Dhameka Stupa where Buddha preached his first sermon, marvel at the gleaming city of Lion which is now the national emblem of India, and visit the peaceful Buddhist temples. In linking the dots in these areas, we can also understand how a decadent Prince Siddhartha became the wise Buddha, using some fine entrepreneurship. And used some decent entrepreneurial skills to spread his wisdom.

Ramnagar Fort Tour

The Fort of Ramnagar is a fortification in Ramnagar, Varanasi, India. It is located on the east bank of the Ganga River, opposite the Tulsi Ghat. The sandstone structure was built in the Mughal style by Kashi Naresh Raja Balwant Singh in 1750. At present, the fort isn't in a good shape. The current King and the resident of the fort is Anant Narayan Singh, also known as the Maharaja of Singh.

Trade Facilitation Center & Craft Museum Tour

Varanasi, the land of lord Shiva is also land of many ancient and exquisite arts. To boost moral of Such artists by providing a platform to showcase their art, the TFC (Pd. Deendayal Hastkala Sankul) is an art museum with distinct galleries like textile, hand loom, carpet, wood carving and many more. Expanding its reach in a perimeter of 8 acres, the Trade Facilitation Center here is an addition to its uncountable attractions. The museum is an exuberant display of all the classic art and crafts of Varanasi under one roof. The Craft museum also allows its visitors to buy these pieces of art, directly from the artist, taking a bar from all the mediators.

Photography Walk

Join us as we explore framing, composition, lighting and spotting guidelines, and then crack them one by one to make unique images! A talented photographer who taught photography at the prestigious Banaras Hindu University and has been clicking on Varanasi for 18 years now, is leading the walk! You don't need a fancy DSLR to be part of this trip, just a decent Camera phone but come with a lot of excitement and be able to abandon your comfort zone to catch your perfect memory of Varanasi.

Varanasi Street Food Walk

Join us as we walk the by lanes to the best of Malaiyo, Tamatar Chaat, Kalakand, Malai Toast, Maalpuas, Gol-Gappas, Banarasi Paan and more! And enjoy not only the mouth watering delicacies but also heartfelt conversations with their Banarasi producers.

List Of Ghats Where We Run Our Services

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